PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 282 - HR, Organizations, and Employee Student Loan Debt
Friday, April 21, 2017 at 9:00AM
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HR Happy Hour 282 - HR, Organizations, and Employee Student Loan Debt

Host: Steve Boese

Guest: Jen Bailey, Director Business Development, Tuition.IO

Listen to the show HERE

This week on the HR Happy Hour Show recorded live at the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, Steve Boese is joined by Jen Bailey from Tuition.IO, the leading employer funded student loan contribution platform to talk about employee student loan debt, and the opportunity for HR and organizations to offer student loan repayment contributions as an employee benefit.

In the US, student loans are at record levels, and more and more employees are entering the workforce with stunning debt levels that they have to pay down. Some progressive employers have turned to student loan repayment contributions to help employees better manage their debts, while also serving as a powerful talent retention and attraction tool. A recent study reported that 86% of employees would remain at an employer for 5 years if student loan repayment contributions were offered as a benefit.

Jen talked about how the platform works, how an employer evaluates their options in setting up a student loan repayment contribution, and the ROI that employers are seeing from implementing these student loan repayment benefit programs.

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This was a super interesting discussion about a very important topic for HR and Benefits leaders, as well as society overall.

You can learn more about Tuition.IO here.

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