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    I have been focused on the implementation of technology solutions to solve business problems for over 15 years, working with organizations ranging from telecommunications to consulting to higher education.

    I am currently the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, the world's largest gathering of the global HR Technology community, and a writer/editor for Human Resource Executive magazine.

    Formerly, I was on the Product Strategy team at Oracle, helping to build and deploy an amazing set of HCM solutions for organizations.

    In the past four years I have developed and served as the instructor for a Graduate course in HR Technology for Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  The course focuses on the common applications of technology to solve HR and business issues.  We also have fun exploring the latest trends in Hr Technology like Performance and Talent Management, Second Life meetings, Twitter and wikis.

    I also created and host the HR Happy Hour show on Blog Talk Radio, for more infromation about the show, take a look here.

    I started this blog mainly to try and get the students another avenue for information and resources beyond the traditional curriculum, from the perspective of someone they knew and (hopefully) trusted.

    Over time, the blog's focus has drifted a bit, you may find as many posts about basketball in a given week as about technology, either way, I hope you find something useful here.

    So, if any current or former students find your way here, please leave a comment and say hello.

    Disclaimer of course - This blog is my personal one, any content, opinions, funny pictures etc. are my thoughts alone, and do not represent my current or past employers.


    Steve Boese

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    April 2013

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