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    PODCAST: #HRHappyHour 339 - Using Culture and Feedback to Evolve Performance Management

    HR Happy Hour 339 - Using Culture and Feedback to Evolve Performance Management

    Sponsored by Virgin Pulse - www.virginpulse.com

    Host: Steve Boese

    Guests: Keri Smith, Director of Human Resources, Business Partner and Organizational Development, HH Hunt; Joshua Howland, Director of Product, OC Tanner Labs

    Listen HERE

    This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve recorded live from the OC Tanner Influence Greatness Conference in Park City, Utah and learned how HH Hunt, a 2,000 employee organization is evolving their performance management practices. On the show, Keri Smith of HH Hunt shared their journey from the classic, annual, highly structured, formal, ratings-based, and pretty much hated annual performance review processes, to a newer approach centered around the 1-1 relationship between a manager and an employee. She discussed how the organization prepared to change their performance management practices, how they have set up a framework and structure for managers to lead impactful and engaging conversations with their employees, and how these new methods have served to solidify and strengthen both organizational culture and individual performance.

    Joshua shared how the newly released capabilities in the OC Tanner Culture Cloud have supported Keri and HH Hunt in these initiatives and how they are working with all kinds of organizations to enable and empower culture-centered change. You can learn more and sign up for a free trial of these new capabilties at www.octanner.com.

    This was an interesting show and great look at 'life after performance reviews.'

    You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, on your favorite podcast app, or by using the widget player below:

    Thanks to Keri and Joshua for joining us and thanks to OC Tanner for inviting the HR Happy Hour Show to the event.

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    PODCAST: #HRHappyHour 338 - LIVE from the 2018 HR Technology Conference #HRTechConf

    HR Happy Hour 338 - LIVE from the 2018 HR Technology Conference

    Sponsored by Virgin Pulse - www.virginpulse.com

    Hosts: Steve BoeseTrish McFarlane

    Guests: Don Weinstein, ADP; Gretchen Alarcon, Oracle, Cecile Alper-Leroux, Ultimate Software

    Listen HERE

    This week on a special LIVE HR Happy Hour Show recorded at the HR Technology Conference Steve and Trish welcome back show legends Don Weinstein, Gretchen Alarcon, and Cecile Alper-Leroux to talk HR Tech, innovation, women in technology and much more.

    We had a great live audience at the HR Tech Pitchfest Theater who watched the show live, joined in on true HR Happy Hour fun, and heard from three industry leaders and legendary HR Happy Hour Show guests talk about some of the most important topics in HR tech and in workplaces.

    You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, on your favorite podcast app, or by using the widget player below:

    Thanks so much to Don, Gretchen, and Cecile for taking some time from their busy HR Tech Conference schedules to join us on this special HR Happy Hour Show!

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    PODCAST: #HRHappyHour 337 - The 2018 HR Technology Conference Preview - #HRTechConf

    HR Happy Hour 337 - The 2018 HR Technology Conference Preview

    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane

    Sponsored by Virgin Pulse - www.virginpulse.com

    Listen HERE

    This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane preview the upcoming HR Technology Conference to be held September 11 - 14, 2018 in Las Vegas.

    Steve and Trish shared their 'not to miss' events and sessions, shared some ideas on how to have a great conference experience, and shared some details of a special 'LIVE' HR Happy Hour Show that will be broadcast at the Conference on Sep 12 at 4:30PM PT.

    You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, on your favorite podcast app, or by using the widget player below:

    If you are attending HR Tech next week, you definitely want to hear this show!

    And if you are attending, please be sure to come watch the Live show next week.

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    One way legacy companies can change the recruiting and retention equation

    One challenge most older, 'legacy' companies can face when recruiting and attempting to retain their most desired people and keep them from flocking to the newer, more exciting, and often more lucrative startups in their industries is their very own legacies and brands.

    One could argue that 25 year old hotshot developers are not that interested in joining say an IBM, when they could jump on a new AI or blockchain startup. Or in finance, the allure of say a JP Morgan Chase might not hold all that much resonance when that same 25 year old has been immersed in crypto currency exchange technology for the last few years. Or in retailing, what would draw someone who has many options to a company like Walmart or Target, when modern, fast-moving, and tech-driven startups like Stitchfix seem to be much more exciting?

    Well, one 'legacy' company is trying a really clever strategy for to address this challenge - the legendary auto manufacturer GM is looking to improve its success in recruiting and retaining talent for its new self-driving unit named Cruise, by offering new employees equity directly in the Cruise unit, and not in legacy GM. From a recent piece in TechCrunch describing the plan:

    In what will be seen as a big recruiting and retention win for Cruise, employees will be offered equity in GM’s self-driving technology subsidiary rather than shares of GM. The securities offering was disclosed in a recent SEC filing for GM Cruise Holdings LLC.

    The equity structure gives all Cruise employees the chance to own actual shares of Cruise, not in GM. It’s a critical development for a company, even one flush with new capital like Cruise, that is working to deploy autonomous vehicles on a commercial scale.

    “The goal was primarily to create a new equity structure so that we could recruit and retain the best talent by giving them direct participation in potential upside in Cruise through owning actual shares in Cruise, which we didn’t have before,” Cruise CEO and co-founder Vogt told TechCrunch.

    So how does a company like GM better compete for in-demand talent, that may be drawn to their smaller, upstart competitors? By making it seem for the most part that this talent doesn't really work for GM, they work for a self-driving car startup called Cruise that just so happens to be subsidiary of GM. And this allows GM not only to get a lift from not being wed to 100+ years of GM history from a branding perspective, it allows loosens up the compensation purse strings for these Cruise employees, as large, legacy companies like GM have much more rigid and formal methods of allocating compensation - ones that their startup competition usually are not encumbered by.

    And if things work out for Cruise, the prospect for employees of really cashing in with a spinoff and an IPO add the carrot of potential future millions that 'legacy' GM would never be able to match. It's a clever way to combine the strengths of GM's legacy and history with some new ideas that shore up some of the weaknesses in that legacy.

    And yes, I am a GM owner. But I am still driving my own car. For now anyway.

    Have a great day!


    HRE Column: Five Things I'm Looking Forward to at HR Tech #HRTechConf

    I have been a little slack in posting links back to my monthly column over at HR Executive Online but fear not gentle readers, I have not abandoned this essential public service.

    So without further delay, here is the link to my latest Inside HR Tech piece at HR Executive - 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to at HR Tech.

    From the piece:

    This is the last Inside HR Tech column prior to the HR Tech Conference in September and, since I am pretty well consumed at this point with the final plans for the event, I want to use this space to reflect on the HR-tech market and the themes that have emerged during this year’s planning for the event.

    Great HR is simple and complex at the same time.

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last several weeks working on one of our featured sessions, “What It Takes to be a Most Admired Company for HR,” a panel discussion featuring the CHROs from several of the world’s most well-known and successful companies (Delta Airlines, Walt Disney Co. and Accenture, to name a few). After talking with each of these CHROs about their business, their challenges, and their approaches and philosophies about the role of HR, I’ve noticed two important things. One is that every one of these leaders spent most of our conversation talking about their company’s culture and the role of HR and the CHRO in building, strengthening and promoting their culture. 

    The other is that, while each CHRO focuses intently on culture, how that manifests in specific HR and talent practices and programs is very different in each organization.

    Succeeding with HR technology is paramount for HR.

    I talk with many executives from the leading HR-technology-solution providers and, in the past year or two, the phrase “customer success” has come up more than ever. Now that cloud-based SaaS delivery of HR technology is the de facto industry standard, providers have been forced to focus on the success of their customers as a primary driver and metric. While that focus is a positive development for customers, it is not enough to ensure your organization is truly set up to succeed. And since the HR-tech market keeps growing, even understanding your options is becoming more difficult. This complexity and the importance of customer success with HR tech are why we focus so heavily on this topic at HR Tech, with a series of expert sessions covering both the “functional” elements of success (such as business case, vendor selection and implementation teams) as well as the more “technical” aspects (including cloud migration, integration and testing)....

    Read the rest of the piece over at HR Executive Online...

    And remember to subscribe to get my monthly Inside HR Tech column via email on the subscription sign-up page here. The first 25 new subscribers get a coffee mug personalized with a picture of me. Well, maybe. 

    Finally, you can still register to attend the HR Technology Conference, September 11 - 14 in Las Vegas. Use my code STEVE300 for $300 off your conference pass.

    Thanks and have a great day!