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    HRevolution 2010 - Top Ten List

    The HRevolution 2010 was fantastic, as expected, and I in the next few days will certainly dive in to some of the topics like culture, 'The Secret', and informal learning in more detail, I wanted to just to a quick brain dump of some of my key observations.

    So here goes the David Letterman-style Top 10 Things I learned at HRevolution 2010:

    10.Environment really matters.  When people first stepped off the elevator and walked into Catalyst Ranch you could see and hear their excitement and enthusiasm.  I think you can be creative and disruptive and innovative in a hotel conference room. Maybe.  But in a cool, colorful, and quirky space like the Catalyst, opening your mind and letting loose seems so much more likely.

    9.Social networks are perhaps even more powerful that I thought.  Several people attended HRevolution completely on the basis of wanting to meet some of the bloggers they read or the people they were only acquainted with on Twitter.

    8. Lance Haun would not throw his HR Apprentice team leader Mike Krupa under the bus despite ample opportunity and encouragement.  In fact, the HR Apprentice session, one that 'forced' participants to engage and then defend their thoughts, was one of the highlights of the day I think.

    7. Dress codes at events, and possibly in most workplaces, are for suckers. At the #Monstersocial event on Friday night, we had flip-flops, pajama pants, fancy dresses, and even a tuxedo turn up.  No one cared.  Create an environment where people can be comfortable as they are, and they will absolutely shine, even in a tuxedo.

    6. Live radio shows are fun, even if it can be impossible to hear what is going on.  We had a great time doing the HR Happy Hour show 'Live from the #Monstersocial Red Carpet', but I suspect for anyone listening at home, it may have sounded like a train wreck.  Thanks to the great China Gorman for her enthusiastic listening and tweeting during the show.

    5. If you in to the whole 'personal brand' thing, you better have a good idea about it.  On the HR Happy Hour the fabulous Maren Hogan told us that 'My personal brand is gorgeous', and you know what - no one around the room disagreed.

    4. If I had to distill all the conversations I heard down to one word, the word would be 'culture'.  Discussions about culture permeated many of the sessions, from branding and culture alignment, to diversity, to informal learning and collaboration, and even in the HR Apprentice session.  Has organizational culture development become the new 'seat at the table'?

    3. Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes are incredible.

    2. During the event, and immediately after, many attendees asked me, and I suspect most of the other organizers - 'What's Next?' When will the next HRevolution take place?  Will it bigger, better, more powerful than before?  Here is what I (personally) think - we should not rush to decide 'What's Next?' until we have a better feel for what 'this'is.   And I mean that we need to see how (or if) people that attended the event turn out to be successful in applying the things they heard, leveraging the connections they made, and actually see positive outcomes both personally and professionally.  Without those kinds of outcomes, then HRevolution is just a 36 hour funfest with 125 cool people. 

    1. What was 'said'at HRevolution matters much less than what gets done the other 364 days of the year.  As Laurie and Lance suggested in their closingsession, how HRevolution influences behavior, business practices, and ultimately changes not just how HR gets done, but how businesses are run and managed is the barometer by which the event, and the ability of those of us in the HR social media bubble will be measured.  The conversation, and the connections, are just the small, first step.  But truly, it is an important step.

    Thanks to Trish McFarlane and Ben Eubanks for creating this and for letting me be a small part of the movement.  It was great to work with you again, along with Jason Seiden, Mark Stelzner, Crystal Peterson, and Joan Ginsberg.

    I am honored to be included in such fine company.



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    Reader Comments (9)

    Nicely put, Steve. I'm still trying to decompress and digest all the information, people, and discussion from HR Evolution. My feeling is that we are standing beside a great precipice, an idea that could revolutionize the field of Human Resources and I am certain the the 130 attendees absolutely agree.

    What's next and the steps we take are key in determining where and how we all want this thing to go. Hats off to our great hosts and all the people who made HR Evolution Chicago so special.



    Unwinding at dinner with you and a few of our friends was one of the best parts of my weekend. Those little conversations are what really make these things fun for me, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to chat together.

    Hope to talk with you soon!

    May 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBen Eubanks

    Steve, another post-HRevolution blog that nails it. (Damn, I wish I could write like a lot of you...maybe that was the inspiration I need). I am excited to see what the next step, but I agree that it needs consideration on what the next step is. BIgger, maybe. Regional, maybe. who knows. One thing that can't happen is unlike Fight Club is that the first rule is to talk about AND ACT on HRevolution.

    Worst part so far, not being able to listen to HRHappyHour live while at the tweet-up. Need to listen to the archive.

    Great job and great meeting you.

    May 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Jorgensen

    Great observations. I especially agree with number 4. I heard the word culture in both the sessions and many of the informal conversations. It was great to take the conversation about Diversity and Culture from the Diversity session and fold that into the Apprentice challenge. I'm glad that Launce did not throw me under the bus! The Apprentice team challenge was great and I could tell that both teams had wonderful discussions. You might want to take some lessons from Trish McFarlane on how to be a team advocate. (just sayin). Great event, thanks to you and everyone on the host committee.

    May 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Krupa

    @Jessica - Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for leading a great session at the event. I agree with you, we are just scratching the surface of some really exciting things.

    @Ben - I agree - the dinner on Saturday was great fun. Super job on the event and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    @John - It was great to meet you this weekend. I hope that you got a lot out of the event and the surrounding activities.

    @Michael - Great job and congratulations on the win in the HR Apprentice contest! And you won the iPad as well!

    May 10, 2010 | Registered CommenterSteve

    "they will absolutely shine, even in a tuxedo"

    I resemble that remark.

    More importantly, as I've had my own conversations today, I think it's critical that people embrace item #1.

    If you were looking for a silver bullet and feel robbed because you didn't get one, rejoice: the piercing of that illusion of the quick fix could be the most important thing to happen.

    May 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJason Seiden

    @Jason - You did rock the black tie that is for sure. I like the idea of the 'illusion of the quick fix'. Never works out. Thanks for being a part of such a great event.

    May 11, 2010 | Registered CommenterSteve

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