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    Does it work on an iPhone?

    Earlier this year I had the good fortune to attend the Recruiting Innovation Summit in Mountain View, California and additionally serve as one of the judges at the event's Recruiting Tech start-up contest.

    It was a fantastic event and experience even though at the time I wondered if I personally added much value to the contest. You see while the other judges were asking really pointed and pertinent questions like 'How will you monetize?', and 'How big is the addressable market for this solution?, I was coming up with insightful queries like 'Will this work on an iPhone?'

    At the time I felt kind of dumb, as if that trivial sounding question sort of proved I did not really get what was important for tech start-ups and the depths of my understanding of the market were well, not that deep.

    But I was thinking about it all again recently, (I know I need more hobbies), and I have concluded it really was not such an obvious and shallow question after all. Because when I think about tech at all these days, doesn't matter if it is consumer tech or enterprise tech, the 'mobile' question is almost always part of the first five minutes of the conversation.

    Either the solution is purpose built and is mobile only or the providers are furiously trying to adapt or re-imagine their offerings for mobile.

    Finally, I thought about it this way - would I want to adopt ANY new technology for any reason that did not natively, easily, seamlessly and logically work on whatever mobile device I have?

    So my lame questions at the Recruiting event were, I think, not so lame after all.

    And this post, which is actually sort of lame itself, did indeed help me to prove a point to myself. It is the first post I've ever done completely on my iPhone.

    And if this somehow gets botched up after I hit 'publish', I'll probably start looking for a new blog host.

    Have a great day all!

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