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    Ok, I know what you are saying, enough about HRevolution already.  

    It seems like this event has been reviewed, analyzed, critiqued, and deconstructed about as much as the Zapruder film.

    For those of us on the organizing committee we are placed in the position of what, where, how, and when (and certainly if) this event, or similar events should continue.  As Jason Seiden observes, correctly I think, that there is an excitement and interest level in this event, that at times that seems disproportional to the the real size and influence of the event itself.  

    Maybe it is just the sound of my ears ringing from all the blog posts, tweets, and internet radio shows rattling around in the echo chamber.

    I wonder if we should take the event on the road, like in an old-fashioned barnstorming tour, hitting up five cities in a week to see if the message, format, vibe, energy, etc. that was HRevolution 2010 actually has meaning and relevance outside our bubble. Can I be Richard Pryor?

    I am actually (sort of) serious.  Load up a camper or a van, start in St. Cloud or Fargo or Omaha, pick an end point like St. Louis or Cincinnati, stop in a different city each day and conduct half day or full day, HRevolution 'participatory' mini-conference.  So instead of the typical local event for HR pros that can often focus on legal, compliance, and more 'practical' topics, we drop in with some of the HRev topics like influence, employer brand, technology, networking, or what ever is important to that community.

    Note: I am thinking we need to move from the 'Unconference' term if we ever do want to break out of the echo chamber.  If you don't believe me, check this poll of SmartBrief on Workforce readers.

    Taking the HRevolution out on the road might be the best way to try and directly reach some of the 95% of the working HR professionals that have no clue what all this fuss is about, get better connected to the real issues facing these practitioners, and perhaps ground those of us inside the echo chamber.

    Or it could be just an excuse to rent a camper or an RV and go on a little bit of a midwestern or southeastern roadie for a week this summer.  I have made many of the same arguments before with my family, just substituting 'attending minor league baseball games' with 'conducting HRevolution-style sessions with local HR professionals'. 

    So what do you think?  Anyone want to get on the bus this summer?  Anyone out there want to host and help us rally the local HR community where you live?

    Or is this more or less crazy?