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    HR Tech Chat - Integrated Talent Management

    The monthly HR Tech Twitter Chat is set for tonight, Wednesday August 5th at 9:00 PM EDT.

    A quick review of how these Twitter 'theme' chats work:

    At 9:00 Bryon Abramowitz of Knowledge Infusion or myself will officially start the chat with a quick welcome message. Folks who are participating are asked to Tweet out their name and role so that we can all get better acquainted. 

    An example would be 'Hi, I am Steve Boese, HR Technology Instructor at RIT in New York - #HR_Tech'

    We will then get the discussion going around this month's topic - Integrated Talent Management.

    Some questions that could be explored:

    1. What's driving organizations to pursue these projects?

    2. Are they succeeding?  Why or why not?

    3. What vendors and solutions seem to offer the most interesting and compelling solutions right now?

    4. Where is the market heading?

    5. What should HR practitioners be thinking about in the planning and execution of these projects?

    These are just a few ideas, in reality the conversation will go where the group takes it and that is most of the fun of the chats.

    Some Tips for Chat participants:

    • You participate by Tweeting with the hashtag '#HR_Tech' included in your update (usually at the end of the Tweet)
    • Follow the flow of the conversation by tracking all Tweets with '#HR_Tech' using one of the following
      • Tweetchat - http://tweetchat.com/room/HR_Tech, you will need to sign in using your Twitter credentials, but this gives a nice overlay to the chat and will automatically append the hashtag to your updates
      • Tweetgrid - www.tweetgrid.com. Allows you to not only monitor the chat, but also your 'normal' Twitter stream and/or other search terms.  Takes a few minutes to setup but it is pretty neat.
      • Tweetdeck - If you are already using Tweetdeck just set up a new search column for the #HR_Tech hashtag. 
      • Twubs - I have not used this site yet, but I have heard many folks say it is pretty nice for following a 'theme' chat in Twitter. http://twubs.com/hr_tech.

    These chats can be really interesting and informative, but honestly they would be greatly enhanced if we get some more 'non-Tech' HR folks interested and participating.  So if you are an HR pro and have some questions or comments about Talent Management technology, or quite honestly any HR Technology, it is a great opportunity to corner at least a dozen HR Technology professionals at one time.


    Hope to see your #HR_Tech Tweets tonight!

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    Reader Comments (2)

    Hating missing last night's chat, but it's heads down time. I'm traveling early Sept and expecting to be doing Business Model "Starter Kit" new licensee training in early October, but I'll keep trying to please keep me in the loop.

    August 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterNaomi Bloom

    Hi Naomi - I think we are going to experiment with the Chat in the morning or at mid-day the next time to make it a bit easier for people to participate. We will be sure to get the word out. Thanks for stopping by and checking in.

    August 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterSteve

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