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    #HRHappyHour LIVE Tonight - 'Social, Brand, and Recruiting'

    The HR Happy Hour Show is back and this week we are really excited to welcome back to the show the great Jessica Lee - a recruiting and employer branding thought leader, the original editor and still a contributor at Fistful of Talent, and who is one of the sharpest minds around when it comes to the use of social networks and social media for candidate attraction and engagement. 

    Jessica's influence in the world of corporate recruiting is immense - her company Marriott, has done and continues to do some of the most innovative work in corporate talent acquisition, and Jessica is at the forefront of what the rest of us think is the 'future' of recruiting - she and her team are doing it today.

    This week we will talk with Jessica about some of the big-picture trends in corporate recruiting, how social approaches to recruiting strategies are actually done in the corporate world, the best ways to conceive and build an employer brand and even hit upon what technologies are having the most impact, and what we can expect to see in the world of recruiting in the future.

    You can catch the show in a few different ways - listen to the live stream starting at 8:00PM ET on the show page here, or using the widget player embedded below:

    Listen to internet radio with Steve Boese on Blog Talk Radio


    You can also listen via the call-in listener line - 646-378-1086, (if you are brave you can even join the fun).

    After the show, you can access the replay anytime from the show page, or from the Apple iTunes store - just search for 'HR Happy Hour' in the podcasts area and download the show for free to your iDevice.

    And recently, the HR Happy Hour has made it on to Stitcher Radio - the leading iPhone and Android app for podcasts. Just download the free Stitcher Radio app and search for 'HR Happy Hour'. Not only can you get access to all the HR Happy Hour archives on Stitcher, but also to a massive library of podcasts on every subject out there.

    I know it will be a great show tonight - for folks that are into talent and social media, (which I think pretty much covers all our listeners), this will be a great opportunity to hear from one of the industry's most accomplished players. 

    So this week we think you wil enjoy the conversations on all things recruiting with the great Jessica Lee, of course also joined by the HR Happy Hour hosts - Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane.


    It should be a fun show and I hope you can join us!

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