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    It's Carnival of HR Time

    The latest edition of the Carnival of HR is up at the HR Forum hosted by G.Neil!

    As always, lots of excellent posts by a cross-section of the HR blog world.  Some of the highlights from this edition:Flickr - Inkyhack

    Dan McCarthy’s post on 10 Ways to be a Great Follower

    Jessica Miller-Merrell's post about maintaining a Social Media Mullet (business in the front, party in the back)

    April Dowling on a story of exempt employees required to punch a time clock.

    And thanks very much for including my post “Help You, Help You” on taking a super agent approach to advocating for yourself in the corporate world.

    Check out all the great posts and enjoy!


    Too much information?

    I read an excellent post on the Savage Minds blog about college students and the need many of them feel to offer explanations or excuses when they know they have turned in substandard work.  That professor's take was essentially, 'Save the trouble of the explanation, don't admit the work is under par before I have had a chance to look at it, and if it is crap work, get over it and do what it takes to improve for the next assignment'.Flickr - The Kozy Shack

    I think that is good advice and wonder if it applies to managers as well. 

    As a manager when an employee is late for work, makes some careless mistakes, or otherwise is not really producing to their 'normal' or expected levels, how much do you really want of the backstory?

    How much of 'My dog is sick', 'My daughter has a loser boyfriend' or 'I stayed up all night playing World of Warcraft' do you want to hear?

    Or would you prefer they just shut up, do their job, and leave the drama for their mama?


    Small Business HRIS - a New Partnership

    Last week Zoho, a provider of a wide range of online productivity applications, (documents, wikis, CRM, projects, and many more) announced a new partnership with Vana Consulting, a Canadian consulting firm.

    The new solution branded as VanaHRM, is an on-demand HRIS built on the Zoho People platform and aimed at the small to medium sized market.

    One of the issues that I had seen during some limited testing of Zoho People was that it definitely required some technical skills to configure for an organization's unique needs.  In my opinion most small HR staffs would not have been all that comfortable or capable to really 'dig in' and leverage Zoho People's flexibility to develop and configure a solution that would support organizational specific business requirements.

    This is why the partnership between Zoho, the developer of the platform, and Vana, a Human Resources consultancy makes sense.  Vana seems to have simplified and organized the Zoho People solution  and packaged it in a form that is more understandable and accessible to the market.

    The VanaHRM solution supports the full range of Human Resources processes (employee tracking, talent profiles, performance management, recruiting, benefits tracking, self-service and more).

    A sample screen from VanaHRM is below:


    Pricing for the VanaHRM solution starts at $19/month for up to 10 employees and then increases with the number of employees; an organization of 100 employees is prices at $199/month for example.  Curiously, the prices listed at the Vana site are the same that are published on the Zoho People site.

    For small business in need of an automated HRIS solution, particularly those under 100 employees, VanaHRM is definitely worth a look.  It is a solution with the capability to handle almost all HR-related processes (save Payroll), is highly configurable, and reasonably simple to use.

    I would love to hear from anyone out there using VanaHRM or Zoho People in their organizations and have them share some of their experiences.


    New Site for the HR Happy Hour Show

    Regular readers of this blog will have noticed every two weeks or so a few posts about the HR Happy Hour Show appear, to promote a little Blog Talk Radio show I host along with Shauna Moerke, the HR Minion.

    Shauna and I figured the show needs its own unique place in the blogosphere so we have launched a new site, www.hrhappyhour.net, for the show.

    All the archives for prior shows will be there, as well as places to submit show ideas, or to let us know that you want to be on the show as a guest.

    We will also post there about all the upcoming shows, and make the site available for show guests and fans to contribute their thoughts as well.

    Take a look at www.hrhappyhour.net and let me know what you think.




    HR Happy Hour - Episode 8 - HR and Sports

    The wildly popular HR Happy Hour Show is back live, tonight August 28, 2009 8PM EDT


    Episode 8 - 'HR and Sports' - August 28, 2009 - 8PM EDT

    What are the connections between Sports and HR and Talent Management? Is managing superstar employees at all like managing superstar athletes? What can coaching Little League baseball tell you about management? Are my beloved Jets going to get the Super Bowl? Shauna and I will talk about these topics and who knows what else with scheduled guests Tracy Tran, Todd Kmiec, Lance Haun and Kris Dunn

    You can listen to the show using the player below and also via the call in number 646-378-1086. Press '1' after calling if you want to come on the air.

    It should be an awesome show and I hope you can listen to the fun.