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    One discusson, three platforms, twenty peeps

    Ok, so that was a bad title, this is really just a little story of how some social media tools facilitated some fantastic dialog and ongoing discussion on real business and Human Resources issues.

    Last Friday night Shauna and I did a HR Happy Hour Show about Tattoos, Piercings, and Diversity in the workplace. The show was really a discussion on company culture, and how culture is developed and perpetuated in the workplace.  It was a really fun show, and I encourage you to listen to the archive here:

     Also since there is no live show tonight, this should give you your HR Happy Hour fix until next week.

    The next morning, Saturday, the culture discussion continued on Twitter among myself, The HR Maven, and Tammi Colson. We kicked around the idea of culture being a top-down, leadership driven construct versus the notion of company culture really begin driven and enforced so to speak by employees themselves. It was a pretty interesting exchange to have early on a Saturday morning, but definitely very interesting and informative

    On Tuesday I blogged here about Technology and Company Culture, mostly riffing the conversation from the show and form the impromptu Twitter chat on Saturday morning. The basic question I asked was can the application of collaboration technology actually drive a change in company culture.  There was some excellent comments and discussion on the post.

    And of course the debate carried over to Twitter on Tuesday night, where Beth Carvin, Kevin Grossman, Robin Schooling and I debated the whole Technology and culture issue some more.

    So by my count the final tally was one radio show with about ten active participants, one blog post with about eight commenters, and two separate twitter chats involving five more people.

    All great discussions, all happening in 'off hours' (heck on Tuesday night I was grilling ribeyes and having a beer during the chat), and all enabled by various social media tools.

    And by the way, just some of the 'titles' represented in the various discussions - CEO, VP of HR, HR Director, and VP of Marketing among others. Look the titles don't really mean all that much to me, but I mention them to underscore the point that social media in general and Twitter in particular is not all about inane blather about what people had for lunch.

    I probably learned more about company culture in the last few days, from this diverse group of people that I had in the last five years.


    HR Happy Hour - Episode 7 - Tattooed HR Pros Unite!

    It is that time again, time for the next installment of the HR Happy Hour!

    We are up to Episode 7 - 'Funky Hair, Tattoos, and HR Diversity', starting at 6PM EDT, Friday August 14, 2009.

    Shauna Moerke, the HR Minion and I will welcome Kelly Mitton, Jen Wojcik, Lynne Ellsberry, and more in a fun discussion on a wide range of topics:

    Is HR is truly welcoming as a profession to those folks that look and act a bit 'different'?

    Are tattoos and purple hair welcome in HR? Does HR need to do more to embrace individuality and creativity in the workplace?

    Do visible tattoos give you a bad impression of a job candidate?

    This is shaping up to be the most free-wheeling and fun shows yet, and I hope you can listen in, or better still call in and share your 'Tattoo' stories.

    The logisitics:

    The show can be foung on Blog Talk Radio here, and you can also listen live using the widget below. The show can also be heard via the listener line, that number is 646-378-1086.  If you call in and want to come on the air and participate, be sure to press '1' on your handset when prompted, and I will get you on as quickly as I can.

    See you at Happy Hour!



    HR Happy Hour - Episode 6 - Viva la Revolution!

    Shauna Moerke, the HR Minion and I are back with the latest Episode of the HR Happy Hour show on Blog Talk Radio, tonight, Friday July 31 at 8PM EDT, 5PM PDT.

    Here is what is coming up on the the HR Happy Hour:

    Episode 6 - July 31, 2009 - 8 PM EDT, 5 PM PDT  'The HRevolution' - An open forum to chat about ideas for the very first HR Blog Conference.  Where should the conference be held?  What topics and sessions are you interested in?  Would you actually attend?  Set to appear are conference founders Trish McFarlane, Ben Eubanks and more.

    A reminder, you can listen to the show live at the Blog Talk Radio page, you can use the widget embedded here, or you can use the listener line, 646-378-1086, to hear the show via the phone, and you can come on the air by calling in to that number and pressing '1' on your phone and I will get you on the air.

    I hope you can join Shauna and I for the show!

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