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    LIVE Tomorrow - #HRHappyHour Show - 'Heartland HR'

    HR Happy Hour 189 - 'Heartland HR'

    LIVE Thursday August 14, 2014 at 8:00PM ET

    Call in 646-378-1086

    Hosts: Steve BoeseTrish McFarlane

    Guest : Dwane Lay

    This week the HR Happy Hour Show returns with a special LIVE show on Thursday August 14, 2014 at 8:00PM EDT. Steve and Trish will welcome guest Dwane Lay, Head of HR Process Design for Dovetail Software, author, speaker, and excellent karaoke singer to talk about his and our experiences and observations from a summer hitting up the HR circuit and talking to lots and lots of HR pros across America. Talent management, a tightening recruiting market, and even HR professionals looking to further their own personal professional development were just some of things we've heard this summer and we will hit up those topics and more in what should be a fun and lively conversation.

    We will also open up the lines for you to share what is on your mind as an HR pro for the balance of 2014 and beyond.

    You can listen to the show on the show page here, or using the widget player below.

    Listen To Business Internet Radio Stations with Steve Boese Trish McFarlane on BlogTalkRadio


    And of course you can always catch the replay on the show page, on iTunes for Apple devices, or for Android using an app called Stitcher Radio. Just search for 'HR Happy Hour' and add the show to your podcast subscriptions to be sure not to miss an episode.

    It should be a fun show and we hope you can join us LIVE this Thursday August 14, 2014 at 8:00PM.


    LIVE Tonight - #HRHappyHour Show 187 - Summer Special

    HR Happy Hour 187 - 'LIVE Summer Special'

    Broadcast LIVE Thursday July 10, 2014 - 8:00PM EDT

    Hosts: Trish McFarlane, Steve Boese

    Back in the first few years of  the HR Happy Hour Show, Thursday nights at 8:00PM was the normal weekly day and time when the HR Happy Hour Show would broadcast live, and take calls, check out the #HRHappyHour backchannel on Twitter, and just enjoy hanging out (virtually) with the great HR community.

    So even though it has been a while since the HR Happy Hour Show has actually broadcast live, we thought it might be fun to occasionally bring back the live format and connect with the listeners, take a few calls, and have some fun on the back channel

    So this week the show will be going LIVE at 8:00PM EDT on Thursday July 10, 2014 to talk about some of the most current, interesting and challenging topics in HR, work, and the workplace and to take your calls as well. We will plan to hit a wide range of topics but most of all want to hear from you.

    You can listen to the show Live tonight at 8:00PM ET using the show page here, on the Call-in number 646-378-1086, or the embedded player below: 

    Listen To Business Internet Radio Stations with Steve Boese Trish McFarlane on BlogTalkRadio


    It will be fun to be back on live tonight, so we hope you can join us on the show, back live for the first time in 2014.


    PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 178 - Making Talent Data Actionable

    HR Happy Hour 178 - 'Making Talent Data Actionable'

    Recorded Friday March 21, 2014

    On the latest HR Happy Hour Show, hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane sat down with Mark Brandau, Vice President of Solution Marketing at SAP, responsible for Cloud Solutions including SuccessFactors to talk about talent management, Talent Reviews, and how some of the latest developments from SuccessFactors including the new 'Presentations' capability are helping to make workforce and talent data accessible and actionable.

    If you have been in HR or line management long enough you know how tedious, manual, and downright painful traditional Talent Review meetings can be. Lots of paper, lots of manually created PowerPoint decks, lots of people trying to make some of the most important talent management decisions for the organization but spending too much time on executing the process and not enough making the important, strategic decisions that the business demands. Modern technologies for Talent Reviews have come light years from where they were just a few years ago, and the modern HR organization can now have advanced capability to rate, review, align, and develop talent all in one place.

    You can listen to the show on the show page here or using the widget player below:

    Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Steve Boese on BlogTalkRadio


    Additionally, you can subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Show on iTunes, or for Android device users, from a free app called Stitcher Radio. In both cases just search for 'HR Happy Hour' and add the show to your podcast subscription list. 

    This was a fun and informative show and I would like to thank Mark and the folks at SAP for being a part of the HR Happy Hour Show. 


    LIVE Tonight - #HRHappyHour Show on Collaboration and Coaching

    HR Happy Hour 175 - Improving Communication, Collaboration, and Coaching

    LIVE - THURSDAY January 9, 2014 - 8:00PM EST

    Call in on 646-378-1086

    Tweet your questions and comments - use the Twitter hashtag #HRHappyHour

    This week in the first LIVE show of 2014 hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane are excited to bring Sean Conrad, Senior Product Analyst & Sales Trainer at Halogen Software back to the show this week.  Sean and Halogen are both big supporters of the HR Happy Hour and we feel equally strong about what Halogen Software has added to the industry over the years.  This week, we plan to talk about ways that organizations can improve their communication, collaboration and coaching techniques.
    Halogen recently launched two new modules to address these needs.  Their new 1:1 Exchange meeting module and the Halogen Myers-Briggs module introduce innovative approaches to workforce improvements.  Listen in as we talk about the modules as well as other ways organizations can approach these challenges.

    You can listen to the show LIVE at 8:00PM EST tonight on the show page here, or using the widget player below:

    Online Business Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane on BlogTalkRadio

    Sean is a interesting and fun guy and it should be a great show - make your plans to join us LIVE on Thursday or catch the replay anytime from the show page or using iTunes or on Stitcher Radio on Android devices.

    Hope you can join us tonight!


    PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 171 - Workforce Reputation Management

    HR Happy Hour 171 - Workforce Reputation Management

    Recorded Friday August 23, 2013

    This week on the HR Happy Hour ShowSteve Boese and Trish McFarlane sat down with Mark BennettProduct Strategy Director for Oracle Social HCM Cloud, Fusion Profile Management, and Workforce Reputation Managementfor an interesting and informative conversation about how concepts like influence, reputation, and social connectedness between and among employees can help organizations better understand the capability of their workforces and help individuals better manage their careers.

    On the open web, the ideas of influence and reputation are not new, services like Klout and Kred have been attempting to understand, quantify, and provide insights as to who might be influential and in what areas do people have strong reputations. Taking these ideas and applying them inside organizations, and thinking more deeply about how people's interactions with one another, how they are evaluated by their peers, and what artifacts of their work reveal about their reputation and influence represent some of the most cutting-edge thinking about workplaces today.

    Mark is a long time friend and really interesting guy, and I think you will find the discussions challenging and interesting at the same time. And I encourage you to think about your own workplaces and how some of these ideas might help you in your HR and Talent challenges.

    You can listen to the show on the show page here, on iTunes, (just search in the podcasts section for 'HR HappyHour'), and using the widget player below, (email and RSS subscribers will need to click through). 



    It is a really informative and 'deep thoughts' kind of conversation that sheds some light on what new ideas and technolgies promise to deliver to workplaces in the very near future.

    Thanks to Mark for taking the time to share his insights!