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    Rob Lowes, Ranked

    Your definitive ranking of DirectTV commercial Rob Lowes.

    10. Far less attractive Rob Lowe

    9. Scrawny arms Rob Lowe

    8. Super creepy Rob Lowe

    7. Rob Lowe (the normal one)

    6. Peaked in high school Rob Lowe

    5. St. Elmo's Fire Rob Lowe (I know that one has not been in the DirectTV spots, but he should be)

    4. Painfully awkward Rob Lowe

    3. Crazy hairy Rob Lowe

    2. Overly paranoid Rob Lowe

    1. Meathead Rob Lowe


    OFF TOPIC: Basketball Shots, Ranked

    There are many ways and methods by which one can direct the basketball into the basket.

    Here is the ranking of many of these methods, from least interesting/appealing up to most awesome.

    The Finger Roll

    20. Basic layup

    19. Reverse layup

    18. Standard jumper

    17. Corner three

    16. Willis Reed's two buckets in Game 7 of the 1969-70 NBA Finals

    15. Heave from 30+ feet to beat the buzzer

    14. Basic dunk

    13. Put-back slam dunk

    12. Two-handed set shot (see Schayes, Dolph)

    11. Underhand free throw (see Barry, Rick)

    10. Catch-and-shoot 3-pointer (see Miller, Reggie)

    9. Jump Hook (see McHale, Kevin)

    8. Reverse pivot step-back jumper (see Sikma, Jack)

    7. Alley Oop jam (see Griffin, Blake, (among many))

    6. Fall back, baby (see Barnett, Dick)

    5. Running two-hand dunk (see King, Bernard)

    4. Teardrop (see Jackson, Mark)

    3. Sky Hook (see Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem)

    2. Mid-range bank shot (see Duncan, Tim)

    1. The Finger Roll (see Gervin, George)

    Note: The blog is taking the rest of the week off. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and if you are not in the USA, well, pretend you are in the USA and take a few days off.


    OFF TOPIC: More and Less

    We Need More:

    Really cool, interesting, and innovative ideas for work, workplaces and people (see Fuel50, BlackbookHR, Data Morphosis, BrandAmper, QUESocial, and Zenefits).

    Simple and elegant approaches to solve complex questions.

    Pumpkin donuts.

    People who don't take themselves too seriously.


    Walt 'Clyde' Frazier.

    We Need Less:

    Updates on your Fantasy Football team.

    Emails sent at 11:49PM.

    Details about your latest run, CrossFit Workout, or set of push-ups you did.  You do know you get the same benefit and burn the same number of calories even if you don't Tweet about your stupid workout, don't you?

    War or combat analogies when talking about sports. 'That quarterback sure is a warrior down near the goal line.' 

    Sports analogies when talking about business. 'This new marketing campaign is sure to be a home run with the target demographic.'

    Telling us all how busy you are or how hard you are working.

    Comparing yourself to the competition. Forget the competition. Most of the time the people/companies that you are worried about are just as amazingly paranoid and possibly dysfunctional as you. Don't worry about them. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone.

    Tom Brady. I am so sick of Tom Brady. (I am a Jets fan).

    Have a great weekend! 


    OFF TOPIC: Classic toys, ranked

    You know you have a favorite toy from the past, from your childhood, but is your favorite toy the BEST toy of all-time/forever? Read on and find out...

    100 - 26 - (in no particular order) Wooden blocks, the duck that you pulled with a string thing, the vacuum-like toy that had a round plastic bubble full of little balls, Magic 8-ball, Erector Sets, frisbee, Lincoln Logs, and about 60 other fun for a few minutes but otherwise not that awesome toys

    25. NERF football

    24. Rock'em Sock'em Robots

    23. Ken

    22. Silly Putty

    21. Slinky

    20. Mr. Potato Head

    19. Play-doh

    18. Lite-Brite

    17. Mattel Electronic Football, (the small, hand-held one where the players were just tiny green lines)

    16. Transformers

    15. G.I. Joe

    14. Yo-Yo

    13. View-Master

    12. Etch-a-Sketch

    11. Tonka (props to the classic yellow dump truck, but they were all pretty cool)

    10. Barbie

    9. SuperBall

    8. Wiffle Ball

    7. Rubik's Cube

    6. Simon (original one with the red, blue, yellow, green lights)

    5. Hot Wheels

    4. Little plastic green Army Men

    3. LEGOS

    2. Star Wars Action Figures

    1. Crayola Crayons


    Off Topic: Store bought cookies, ranked

    Your definitive ranking of store-bought cookies. And yes, I know that 'Home baked cookies are better!', that is not what this ranking is about.

    Here goes:

    99. Animal Crackers

    98 - 16. Every other cookie that you have ever heard of

    15. Lorna Doone

    14. Famous Amos Chocolate Chip

    13. Archway Oatmeal Raisin

    12. Pecan Sandies

    11. Teddy Grahams Honey

    10. Fig Newtons

    9. Nilla Wafers

    8. Nutter Butter

    7. Vienna Fingers

    6. Chips Deluxe

    5. Milano

    4. Fudge Stripes

    3. Oreo (original)

    2. Oreo (Double Stuf)

    1. Chips Ahoy (original)

    Tell me where I'm wrong and have a great weekend!