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    HR Happy Hour Show Tonight: Work and what it means to you

    Tonight on the HR Happy Hour Show (8PM ET/5PM PT), we are going to change it up a bit from the more formal, guest-driven interview style shows we have been doing, and open up the phones (and the Twitter backchannel on #HRHappyHour), to simply talk about work.

    Yep, it is that simple. Just an hour of open and loosely structured conversation, in honor of the upcoming Labor Day holiday in the USA, to share observations, stories, critiques, and congratulations about our experiences with work and in our careers.

    What was your first 'real' job? 

    What was the best job you ever had? The worst one?

    What were some of the early experiences in your career that have shaped and helped determine what you are today? 

    Who was influential to you as you got your start and deserves a thank you? Who influences you now?

    And finally, if you are currently looking for work, or are just looking for a change - what is it you'd really like to do? What's your dream job?

    We hope many of the loyal HR Happy Hour Show listeners will call in tonight to share their stories, experiences, and insights about work.

    But wait - there's more!

    As an added bonus longtime HR Happy Hour Show co-host Shauna Moerke, the HR Minion will make a special guest appearance on the show to climb back in the co-pilot seat tonight. And you know she will have some great stories.

    Here's how to listen and participate tonight:

    The show starts at 8:00PM ET tonight, Sept. 1, 2011.

    Listen live from the show page here - HR Happy Hour - Episode 116- 'The Labor Day Show'

    Or using the widget player embedded here:

    Listen to internet radio with Steve Boese on Blog Talk Radio


    Call in to get on the air using - 646-378-1086 and Press '1' once you are connected and you will be on!

    And finally, follow the backchannel conversation on Twitter - hashtag #HRHappyHour

    It should be a really fun show and I hope you can join us!


    PageRank for People

    Last night on the HR Happy Hour Show we had an interesting discussion with Megan Berry from Klout, Jennifer McClure, and Dawn Hrdlica-Burke about online or digital influence, and its potential effect and use in the recruiting and hiring process. We also talked about some of the implications that relying on these kinds of new algorithms might have in the future. It was a fascinating conversation, and I encourage you to check out the replay of the show here, (or drop it into your fancy iPad, just search the iTunes store for 'HR Happy Hour').

    My favorite line of the night was from Megan, when she described one of Klout's goals is to have the Klout score be perceived as the 'PageRank for people', a comparison to the famous search breakthrough invented at Stanford by the founders of Google, which sorted and presented web search results not simply by the amount and location of keywords in web page content, but rather by an evaluation of the number and quality of other sites that linked to the site in question. More simply put, if lots of other sites on the web, that were judged to be of good quality linked back to a particular site, then that destination site was assessed at a higher relative quality, and thus its 'PageRank' would improve.  

    It is a concept as simple and as fundamental to any evaluation we'd make of the quality, reliability, and trustworthiness of any person, business, or service - if enough (or even just one if it is the 'right' person), people that we respect and value their judgment indicate that Candidate 'X' would make a good hire for a specific role, or that Jimbo's Plumbing Service can be trusted not to rip you off, then we are far more likely to heed that advice than we would from simply doing a cursory analysis of online 'presence' or marketing material.

    So when Megan from Klout told us on the show last night that Klout's new '+K' feature, where users can log in to Klout.com to 'award' other users a '+K' to indicate their explicit agreement to the Klout assessment of topical influence, did not directly factor into the person's actual score due to concerns about potential gaming of this process, I was a little surprised. Because to me, at least once Klout can sort out the correct way to control to remove the element of potential gaming the system, then the +K component would stand to be a fundamental aspect that would support the 'PageRank for People' idea. 

    It's really not that not different from Angie's List, or Amazon book reviews, or the consumer product ratings that pop up on pretty much every electronics retailer website.  For some reason we don't seem to worry too much about Jimbo the plumber 'gaming' the system, but when we get to discussing Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and such, the conversation about 'influence' starts to get a little funky.

    Again, I am not sure Klout has the answer to all this yet, or if some one else will figure out a better way to come up with that just right blend of algorithm, evaluation, and personal touch that will result in a measurement or score that will become more universally accepted, but I am fairly confident someone will.

    And I am also fairly confident that soon after some other disruptive technology will emerge that will make us reconsider 'influence' once again.

    Anyway, I am done talking/writing about this for a while, unless my Klout score keeps tanking!

    Have a great weekend!


    Can you give a brother a +K?

    Tonight on the HR Happy Hour Show (8PM ET/ 5PM PT, rest of the country you are on your own), we'll be talking about Klout, and other measures of online or digital influence in the context of sourcing, recruiting, and career management. Can tools like Klout accurately measure a concept to ambiguous as 'influence?'  Does the Klout score and others of its like, have any role at all in the recruiting process?  How about some +K action?

    You can listen live at 8PM ET tonight on the show page here, or on the call in line at 646-378-1086.

    Before you jump to the high and mighty ground and declare that Klout, and other lists of digital influence, whether created using proprietary algorithms or hand-curated by actual people, have no place in professional recruiting processes, you might want to ask yourself if you've ever researched a candidate on LinkedIn, and made some kind of subtle evaluation of said candidate simply on the number of connections they have.

    Recently, none other than my friend Kris Dunn, on the HR Capitalist blog offered this observation, in the context of candidate evaluation for a sales position:

    My client in that search forwarded me a profile of a Salesforce candidate from LinkedIn.  "Have you talked to this guy?".  I looked at the candidate, which remember, was for a hunting sales pro.  43 contacts in LinkedIn.

    43 Contacts.  For a hunting sales pro.  I could hear "I need some leads if I'm going to close business" in the background.  Your cost of customer acquisition just tripled by hiring that guy."

    For better or worse, the (lack of) LinkedIn contacts factored into an instant perception being formed about the guy. He could be carrying around a tattered, 25 year old Fil-o-fax (Gen Y'ers, Google it), stuffed with all the names and contact information of the key decision makers and influencers in his industry, but chances are the paltry 43 connections on LinkedIn were not going to let anyone find out.

    And here's one more, from the marketing space taken from a post by Mark Schaefer on the Business Grow site:

    Let me relate a few of my experiences this week …

    • A very talented friend told me he was rejected for a job at a major ad agency because his Klout score was too low.
    • A B2B marketing agency Managing Director told me he chose between two qualified candidates based on their Klout score.
    • A friend in D.C is creating a Klout 50 Club exclusive to people with high Klout scores. Why? He wants to find good hires for social media marketing.
    • A woman told me her boyfriend was accepted to a prestigious conference based on his Klout score alone.

    These experiences occurred in the span of 72 hours

    Sure, I know what you are thinking - those jobs are all in digital marketing and PR, and therefore using Klout as a screening tool might make some sense, but out here in the real world, where 99.3% of people don't even know what Klout is, it really does not matter. Possibly.

    But on the show tonight, while talking about Klout, the discussion is really a bit more expansive than that, and I hope we can avoid getting caught up in the nuances of algorithms, and talk about online and digital influence at a more fundamental level. I think it will make for an interesting show.

    Our guests will be Megan Berry from Klout, and Jennifer McClure, aka CincyRecruiter, and the feisty Dawn Hrdlica-Burke, aka DawnHrRocks will be along for the ride as well. 

    I hope you can join us tonight at 8PM, and if you listen and enjoy the show can you share the love with a little +K action on Klout my way? My score has been tanking lately.


    Need a Creative Solution? Check out the HR Happy Hour Tonight

    It is just about the middle of summer here in the USA, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game was played earlier in the week, most of the country has been experiencing classic July sunshine and heat, and the latest installment of the Transformers movie franchise, a classic summer action movie, is dominating the box office. Due to staff vacations, distractions caused by the good weather, and from having the kids home from school, summer can also be a time where the pace of business slows down a bit, and individuals and organizations sometimes have a rare chance to reflect, recharge, and strategize about business and even personal problems that will have to be attacked in earnest in the Fall, (if not sooner).

    Summer also gives us some license to explore and experiment. Traditionally TV networks have tested out new programs in the slower, (and less lucrative), Summer season in hopes of sorting out what might work in the Fall and Winter when audiences and ad rates both increase. Simply put, summer is about the only time all year many of us get to take a little breather, take some stock in what we are doing, (or not doing), and think about what we might want to do differently, or what challenges we'd love to address.

    So tonight on the HR Happy Hour Show, we decided to do a bit of 'Summer programming' as well. Instead of another run at recruiting, or HR Technology, or management, or social media in the workplace, we are taking a bit of a diversion with a show called 'Creative Approaches', with our guest Matthew Stillman, author of the fantastic Stillman Says blog.

    Matt offers what he terms, 'Creative Approaches to What You've Been Thinking About', by listening to the problems and concerns of everyday people, and via a process of discussion and exploration, offers what are usually challenging and intriguing options and opportunities to help his 'patients?', try and approach their issues.  The killer idea of Stillman Says, is the venue in which Matt conducts these sessions - a simple table and two chairs in the middle of New York City's Union Square. He then documents some of these conversations on the Stillman Says blog.

    It really is a remarkable and compelling project, read a few of the stories on the Stillman Says blog and see if you don't agree with me.

    So tonight on the HR Happy Hour Show - 8PM EDT / 5PM PDT, Matt will join us for the hour to offer 'Creative Approaches to What You Have Been Thinking About' - this is your chance to call in, tell us about a situation or problem - work, career, school, personal - doesn't matter, and let Matt work a little bit of his creative magic to brainstorm some creative options for you.

    Problems with the boss? Not sure if you should pursue a new career? Have a great idea and just don't know how to execute? Call in tonight and let us know.

    Here are the details to tune in tonight:

    HR Happy Hour Show - 'Creative Approaches' - Thursday July 14, 2011 - 8PM EDT

    Call in to ask a question - 646-378-1086

    Follow the conversation on Twitter - hashtag #HRHappyHour

    Listen live on the show page here, on the call in line 646-378-1086, or using the widget player here:

    Listen to internet radio with Steve Boese on Blog Talk Radio


    This should be a fun and entertaining show, and I hope you can take a break from margaritas on the deck long enough to join us. Actually, you should bring the margaritas, it is the HR Happy Hour after all!


    Overexposure - no, not a Weinergate post

    We are reminded once again from our pal Anthony Weiner about the dangers of overexposure.  One person's 'refreshing level of interaction and community building' is another person's, 'Creepy stalking of a potential lunatic.' 

    But things are piling up over here at HR Happy Hour HQ, and I wanted to post links to a few events coming up here, (if nothing else, so I could refer to it, and know what I am supposed to be doing).

    Today, Thursday June 9th at 1:00PM ET, I will be presenting a free webcast for the Human Capital Institute, underwritten by recruiting technology solutions provider SelectMinds.  You can still register for the webcast here, and I will upload the slides to Slideshare (and embed them here), once the presentation is complete.

    Update - as promised, the slides from the HCI Webcast are up on Slideshare here, and also embedded below:

    Tonight, Thursday June 9th at 8:00PM ET, the HR Happy Hour Show (sponsored by Aquire), is back live, with a show called 'You Still Can't Fire Everyone'. My guest will be Fortune Magazine Editor and author Hank Gilman who will talk about his recent book, You Can't Fire Everyone: And Other Lessons from an Accidental Manager. You can listen live tonight on the show page here, or by calling in to the listener line at 646-378-1086.Cool graphic!

    Next week, Thursday June 16th at 12 Noon ET, I will join Kris Dunn and Mark Stelzner for a free webcast/conversation called 'Authority on Talent', for the folks at Plateau Systems. KD, Mark and I will talk about HR’s role as the Authority on Talent in the organization, focusing on the following questions: 

    • What do HR leaders need to establish this authority?
    • What’s different now from previous “seat at the table” moments for HR?
    • What role does technology play?

    It promises to be a lively and interesting conversation, and I hope you can check it out and join the fun.

    Finally, today I am up on Fistful of Talent, having a good-natured debate with KD, on whether or not companies should automatically pay severance packages to so-called 'bad hires'.

    And then looking ahead to the rest of June, we have upcoming HR Happy Hour shows on social recruiting, the influence of gaming and social competition on employee wellness programs, and a trip up to see our friends at Rypple as we take the show out on the road. And the second installment of the new 'HR Happy Hour - Europe' series will get organized this month as well.

    Busy times and unlike our pal Congressmen Weiner, I promise to keep all communications on the straight and narrow.