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    PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 253 - Introducing Research on the Rocks

    Last week I shared the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network launch announcement, and today I am really pleased and excited to share the details of the first new show on the network - the debut episode of Research on the Rocks, with hosts Madeline Laurano and Mollie Lombardi of Aptitude Research Partners.

    Thanks to Madeline and Mollie for being a part of the HR Happy Hour Show family!

    Here are the details for Research on the Rocks debut episode:

    HR Happy Hour 253 - Welcoming Research on the Rocks to the HR Happy Hour family of podcasts

    Hosts: Madeline Laurano and Mollie Lombardi

    Listen HERE

    On the very first “Research on the Rocks” podcast, Mollie and Madeline talk about why they formed Aptitude Research Partners, what makes HCM research cool, and how thrilled they are to be part of the HR Happy Hour Family. 

    The self-proclaimed data geeks discuss some of the hottest research topics including pay equity in Massachusetts, employee communication and assessments. They also identify two areas they are focusing on this month: payroll and recruitment marketing. Oh, and they talk a little bit about farming, running, Clydesdales, rifles, and the lost art of hobbies. Don’t ask. Just listen.

    You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, or by using the widget player below:

    This was a fun and interesting show, and I hope you check it out.  

    And remember you can subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Show, Research on the Rocks, and all the HR Happy Hour Network shows on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or your favorite podcast app. Just search for 'HR Happy Hour' to subscribe and you will never miss a show.

    Thanks again Madeline and Mollie and welcome to our HR Happy Hour family!


    ANNOUNCEMENT: The HR Happy Hour Podcast Network

    I am super excited today to share some great news - the official launch of the HR Happy Hour Podcast Network, and the details of the three new shows that will soon debut on the HR Happy Hour umbrella. My co-host, Trish McFarlane and I are thrilled to be joined by such a great lineup of shows and contributors, and you can read the details of the announcement HERE.

    Some quick backstory for folks who may not be familiar with the HR Happy Hour Show, (I know, shocking!), that will help explain and set the context for today's announcement.

    Back in 2009 I was an adjunct instructor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY teaching a graduate-level course for HR Master's students on the topic of HR Technology. At that time I got the crazy idea to try and record interviews with HR and HR Tech leaders, and make these audio files a part of the course's required materials for the class. I used the Blog Talk Radio platform to make the recording process a little easier for guests, as back then, even Skype was hardly in use by most folks, and fewer folks were recording podcasts on their own, in even a quasi-professional manner.

    Since then, the HR Happy Hour Show has evolved and transformed. The first two or three years featured mostly live-streamed shows broadcasting at 8PM on Thursday nights, complete with callers, a lively Twitter backchannel on the #HRHappyHour hashtag, and even dedicated Google Wave threads!

    In the last few years the HR Happy Hour has become a more traditional podcast, generally pre-recorded, or recorded live at industry events, and (lightly) edited to fit the now much more widespread and popular podcast format and formula. The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in the overall popularity of podcasting in a number of topics and domains, and I personally am proud that the HR Happy Hour Show was podcasting before podcasting was cool! We have had a series of great guests, covered the most relevant topics in HR, HR Technology, work, and the workplace, and had a lot of fun along the way.

    And now with the launch of the new HR Happy Hour Network, these first three new titles, (details are in the release here), and to be partnering with such a great group of people, I am confident the next seven years of the HR Happy Hour will be just as much fun as the first seven.

    Many thanks to everyone who has listened to, supported, or even guested on the show so far - stay tuned for more great and informative content, HR and HR technology insights, and hopefully - lots of fun from your pals at the HR Happy Hour Show and Network.


    PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 252 - Employee Wellbeing with Chris Boyce, CEO, Virgin Pulse

    HR Happy Hour 252 - Employee Wellbeing with Chris Boyce, CEO Virgin Pulse

    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane

    Guest: Chris Boyce, CEO, Virgin Pulse

    Listen to the show HERE

    This week on the show, Trish and Steve were joined by Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Pulse, a provider of market-leading, technology-based products and services that help employers improve workforce health, boost employee engagement, and enhance corporate culture.

    Chris shared some insights on how HR and business leaders can evaluate and assess wellbeing and workforce health initiatives using data and analytics, and how it is important to consider measures of success beyond employer benefit costs and health care claims or participation. The most successful wellbeing programs use data to inform changes in productivity, engagement, safety, and organizational culture. There isn't a single measure for ROI on these programs, employers have to think about their unique and specific challenges to find the measures that will most impact their organizations. Chris also shared some important information around employee data privacy and how Virgin Pulse and their client organizations keep employee data private and secure, while still allowing organizational leaders to use aggregate and anonymized data to inform decision making.

    Additionally, Chris shared his thoughts on why employee and organizational wellbeing has become a more global, and holistic phenomenon, and what that means for HR and business leaders in their efforts to find, attract, develop,and retain the talent they need to meet their organizational objectives.

    You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, or by using the widget player below:


    This was a fun and interesting show, many thanks to Chris Boyce and Virgin Pulse for coming on. You can learn more about Virgin Pulse at www.virginpulse.com.

    Remember to subscribe to the HR Happy Hour Show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or your favorite podcast app, just search for 'HR Happy Hour' to subscribe and never mess an episode.


    PODCAST - #HRHappyHour - Digital Transformation LIVE from Inforum





    This week on the show join Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane as they come to you from New York City and Infor's INFORUM 2016.  

    Inforum is the event where Infor hosts 7,000 customers, prospects, partners, industry thought leaders, and press/analysts from 74 countries in New York City.  They provided over 1,000 breakout sessions to cover all aspects of tools that help organizations manage their business.  As analysts who attend many events each year, we can safely say that from the HCM perspective, Inforum is one of the top events when it comes to learning opportunities and innovation.  They capped off the experience with an outstanding "thank you" to attendees~ a Maroon 5 concert!

    We sat down after our main-stage presentations to discuss the increasingly important topic of how the workplace is changing.  Specifically, the changes that digital transformation is bringing is making a huge impact on how organizations work.  The way that business leaders are considering the approach to this transformation is paramount to many of the attendees at Inforum and likely, to you and your organization as well.

    You can listen to the show on the show page HERE, or using the widget player below:

    This was an interesting and informative show and we love bringing the news to you straight from the event. Many thanks to Infor for inviting both of us to speak at the event. To learn more about Infor, please go to www.Infor.com

    Thanks for listening and remember to add the HR Happy Hour Show to your podcast subscriptions in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or any of the major podcast apps. Just search for 'HR Happy Hour' to subscribe.


    PODCAST: #HRHappyHour LIVE from Ceridian Insights

    HR Happy Hour - LIVE from Ceridian Insights 2016 in Las Vegas

    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane

    Guests: Lisa Sterling, Jayson Saba, Ceridian


    In this special episode of the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve broadcasted LIVE from the stage at Ceridian Insights 2016Customer Conference in Las Vegas. Host Steve Boese was joined by Lisa Sterling and Jayson Saba of Ceridian to talk about some major themes and initiatives including organizational transformation, key issues in employee engagement and diversity, and how organizations can better align and organize to ensure the focus remains on customer success.

    And since this was a special LIVE show from Las Vegas, you can be sure there will be some surprises along the way, including meeting the summer intern with the BEST internship ever.

    You can listen to the replay of the LIVE show on the show page HERE or using the widget player below:

    This was a really fun show in front of a live audience, many thanks to Ceridian to having the HR Happy Hour Show at Ceridian Insights.

    Thanks of course to our show sponsor Virgin Pulse - go to www.virginpulse.com to learn more.

    And be sure to subscribe to the HR Happy Hour on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or your favorite podcast app, just search for 'HR Happy Hour' to subscribe and never miss a show.