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    EVENT: The Social Media Strategies for HR Seminar

    In two weeks I will be attending and participating in the Conference Board's 'Social Media Strategies for HR' seminar, along with many other fantastic Human Resources practitioners and leaders. If you are thinking that the 'Social Media in HR' angle is getting really played out and overdone, then you might be right, but you also might be in the tiny minority of HR professionals and leaders that actually have been working with social media, social networks, and proactively using these platforms to support their business and talent strategy.  I think, generally, that the opportunities and challenges that social media present to the typical HR organization are just beginning to be explored. Remember, unlike many of us in the social media bubble almost no real HR leaders spend their year attending seventeen conferences, fourteen tweet-ups, or diving into one of the myriad new HR-themed Twitter chats. Mostly they are too busy in their day jobs, and when they have time, they are trying to figure out how to better their function and their performance, and using social media can be one of those ways - if they could ever find some spare time to try and sort it out.

    That is why a dedicated event like the Social Media Strategies Seminar for HR is so compelling to me.  In the early days of social media in the workplace, there were hours of trial-and-error while learning because there were no classes or conferences or case studies where you could learn how to use these platforms more effectively.  The benefit for today’s professionals getting into the space or for those who are using the platforms but want to take that use to the next level is that there are events where you can go and learn more in a day than many of us did in a month or a year.

    If you or someone in your organization is wants to learn more about using social media platforms for HR and recruiting, you need to mark your calendars now for The Conference Board’s Social Media Strategies for HR Seminar.  Join me in New York City on April 17- 18, 2012 as we discuss and learn how to:

    • Leverage social networks to benefit the entire organization
    • Implement and manage social networks to spur innovation and knowledge sharing
    • Use social media to increase employee engagement and bolster employer branding
    • Manage the legal implications of social media in the workplace

    I’ll be co-leading a session on how you can use social media to strengthen your employer brand and bolster employee engagement.  My co-presenter will be Trish McFarlane, Director of Human Resources for Perficient and co-founder of the HRevolution.

    Use discount code SB1 to get $250 off the registration cost!  You can register for one day or both.  I hope you’ll join us, you won’t be disappointed.


    The one thing you bring to the (operating) table

    Oh the Linsanity...

    Over the weekend New York Knicks phenom and new starting point guard Jeremy Lin was diagnosed with a more serious knee injury than was originally thought, and with the necessary surgery and rehab it seems likely that Lin will miss the remainder of the NBA season, and this development may quite possibly derail the team's chances at a playoff run. Bibby - Sans headband

    Upon learning the news, I (sort of) joked over an email to the 8 Man Rotation team that perhaps the Knicks should ask for a knee ligament donation for Lin from (backup point guard and veteran player on the last stretch of his useful career), Mike Bibby's cadaver. A bad joke I suppose, and perhaps an unfair cheap shot at Bibby, who even with his best days as an NBA player far behind him, by all accounts has been a good team player and citizen on this current Knicks team.

    But the 'cadaver' joke led me to thinking about how at times it can be really easy to see contributors on a team or in an organization for what they can't do or what they can no longer do, instead of seeing (and admittedly looking harder for), what they still can bring to the table, even if it is only that one thing.

    In sports it could be the late career veteran or that single-skilled expert that you might only need once in every five games, but when you need that skill, he or she can be counted on to deliver, whether it is a timely three-point shot in hoops, or in soccer to be calm enough to come off the bench and cooly and efficiently take a penalty kick.

    At the office it might be that past-his-prime account rep that landed the 'Big Account' fifteen years ago and has not been doing that much since. But every year at contract renewal time the client still wants to have him in the deal and his presence and stability ends up being a big part of getting the deal done, and a nice chunk of revenue locked up.

    Or it even could be one of those 'been there forever and is skating the last three years until retirement' guys that has pretty much checked out, but whenever one of the junior staff is in a jam, and wakes him up long enough to ask a question, he always knows what to do, who to talk with, and (maybe more importantly) who not to talk with.

    The key that ties these kinds of scenarios together?

    That the unique contribution, that 'one thing', that these types of contributors bring to the table - the donated ligament, the long-term customer relationship, or the deep understanding of organizational politics, are all really personal, really hard to replicate, are extremely important, and can't truly be captured in any kind of database or information management system.  They're 'owned' so to speak by the one person alone.

    Two things to take away then. One, as a manager or leader that you'd be wise to make sure when you are cutting people loose or shipping out so-called dead weight or low performers, that you are not losing some critical 'one thing' that no one else can bring to the table. And two, if you are one of those 'one thing' kinds of contributors yourself, well you better make sure you are ready and willing to step up on those rare occasions when your number is called, and that you are still willing to do what it takes, even if it might not be easy.

    Even if, possibly, it involves donating a ligament to the new hotshot on the team.


    Note: Hat tip to Kris Dunn at the HR Capitalist for his help shaping up this post as he is very concerned about the playoff prospects for the Knicks.


    Off Topic - Urban Beekeeping

    The coolest thing I saw on the internet this week was this short film from the Made By Hand project called 'The Beekeeper', a profile of Megan Paska, a Brooklyn, NY based local farmer and beekeeper. The short (less than 6 minutes) piece is a testament to not only the increasing focus on sustainable and accessible farming practices, but also a bit of an inspiring reminder of how great it is to find and be able to do the kind of work that you love.

    Give it a look and let me know what you think! (email and RSS subscribers will need to click through)

    You can learn more about the Made By Hand series at their website and also follow them on Twitter.

    Have a Great Weekend!


    HR Happy Hour - Live from ERE Expo

    The ERE Expo is a fantastic event in the corporate recruiting space, and I am really pleased to be a part of the program once again. Today and tomorrow I will be hosting the web livestream from the show in San Diego, California.  

    The event itself is three days of workshops, keynotes, concurrent sessions, and great opportunities to network with industry leaders, as well as to meet with and learn more from many of the leading solution providers in the Recruiting technology and services space. This will be my third time doing the HR Happy Hour-style interviews live from the event, and it continues to be a fun and interesting program, and is a testament to ERE's commitment to make much of the conference content accessible to everyone, regardless if they are able to attend in person.

    Starting today at approximately 8:00AM Pacific Time, you can tune in to the livestream directly from the link on the ERE.net home page.

    Over the course of this Thursday and Friday, and ably accompanied by ERE's own Lance Haun, we will welcome a series of recruiting industry leaders, recruiting practitioners, and Expo speakers, (and more), to talk about recruiting, talent management, new technology, and beyond.  And of course this is all in addition to the live coverage of the event keynotes and featured sessions from the mainstage.

    So if you are at all interested in the world of recruiting, the issues (and potential solutions), facing many of your industry peers today, and overall want to get the ERE Expo experience from the comfort of your office (or sofa), I hope you will tune in to some or all of the live cast over the next two days.

    Many thanks to everyone at ERE for having the HR Happy Hour Show once again be a part of the event.

    And if you are in San Diego this week make sure you come by the set and say hello!



    #HRevolution 2012 - Open for Registration

    A few years back a couple of enterprising HR professionals hatched a plan to stage a new kind of Human Resources event - one that was more open, and informal, and participatory, and social, and affordable than the typical and traditional conference or seminar. And from that initial small step, the HRevolution was launched. In 2009 the first HRevolution event was held in Louisville, KY and soon thereafter, the event and the community that supports it has become entrenched in the HR landscape.

    I have been lucky enough to be a part of the HRevolution organizing committee since that first event in 2009, and I have seen HRevolution grow and evolve while still creating unique opportunities for HR professionals, recruiters, consultants, and vendors to come together to discuss and debate the future of HR.  

    I am really pleased to share the announcement of the details of the 2012 event, so here goes:

    HRevolution Chicago (aka #HRevolution #5)
    October 7, 2012
    McCormick Place
    8:00 am- 4:30 pm
    Click here to register

    HRevolution will for the second year partner with The HR Technology Conference in a ground-breaking event in both content, format, and delivery of ideas that are key to the practice of human resources.

    We believe and continue to work hard to ensure that HRevolution is not your typical conference.  Our main purpose is to grow your professional and personal network, and expand your ideas around the practice of Human Resources. You will network with 200 of the brightest and most innovative leaders in the industry. 

    Other highlights of the HRevolution event include:

    • Fully participatory sessions
    • Opportunity for participants to bring work issues to debate, discuss, and find solutions
    • Workable and practical ideas you can take home to your organization
    • Increased reach-  since HRevolution is fully integrated with social platforms, you will be reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals

    All past Hrevolution events have sold out, so be sure to register today!  Early bird pricing for the first 25 registrants will be $150.  General registration is $200.  Where else can you have access to top industry professionals for that low price?  Nowhere!  And thanks to our generous sponsors who help defer your costs, you can get both value and quality at HRevolution 2012!

    But wait! There's more!

    Special HR Technology Conference Discount

    HRevolution is excited to be co-locating again with the world-famous HR Technology Conference & Expo – this time Oct. 8 – 10, 2012 in the self-contained West Wing of McCormick Place, Chicago.

    HR Technology is one of the must-attend HR events of the year, and continues to grow in relevance and importance. Learn how technology can help you with every aspect of HR including managing your workforce, recruiting and attracting quality employees, identifying and developing your top performers, and much more.

    Best of all, after you register for HRevolution you get a whopping $600.00 discount off the HR Technology® on-site rate. Look for the savings promo code at the bottom of your HRevolution confirmation email.

    So I hope you will take a look at all HRevolution has to offer. If you have attended one of the previous events, then I don't have to convince you of the event's value. And if you are new to HRevolution drop me a line and a can tell you more. Better yet head over to Twitter and ask 'What is this #HRevolution I keep hearing about?' I am pretty confident you will get a dozen testimonials from past attendees within a few hours.