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    From HR Exec: 5 Rules of Thumb on HR Tech

    In my most recent 'Inside HR Tech' column for Human Resource Executive Online, I took a look at some general rules of thumb for evaluating HR technologies and HR solution providers.  Here is a little bit of that piece, and you can find the rest of the column as well as subscribe to get the monthly Inside HR Tech column delivered straight to your Inbox.

    Here are five ideas and tips on what to look for and think about when evaluating HR technologies to get the most bang for your organization's buck.

    The one HR technology-related question I get asked most frequently is some variation of "Which vendors have the best solution for (insert your HR process area)?", or said differently, "Which solutions should I examine for my particular problem or area of need?"

    So for anyone who wants my official answer to any form of the question, "Which HR technology solution is the best?" here it is . . . . wait for it . . .  wait for it . . .

    The answer, (drumroll, please) is "It depends."

    The best solution for a given organization is quite likely different from the best solution for another -- even largely similar -- organization.

    Unlike many commodity purchases, the HR or workforce technology that is "right" for one organization is often highly variable and dependent on a number of company specific factors, which usually will be distinct and important enough to make selecting the best software a complex and difficult process.

    Since I can’t claim to know the "best" solution for your situation, I can try and help by pointing out a few (five to be exact) rules of thumb that are generally applicable in all HR-technology evaluation and selection processes. Hopefully, these can help you to make your own informed, and unique decision about software.

    1. There isn’t a "Yelp for HR technology" . . . yet.

    While there are some nascent attempts, (G2 CrowdTrustRadius), at establishing a large set of Yelp-like crowd-sourced user reviews for enterprise or HR technologies, the truth is that, in general, the HR software market is still a little hazy. Finding reliable, vetted, and unbiased or independent reviews and commentary on most enterprise technologies is as difficult today as it has always been....

    You can see the rest of the '5 Rules of Thumb' over on HRE Online, and once again, sign up for a monthly drop of HR tech advice and commentary from me, courtesy of your pals at HRE Online.

    Have a great March Madness weekend everyone!


    HCM World: Transforming HR With Technology

    Last week I had the pleasure to attend and moderate a panel at the inaugural Oracle HCM World event in Las Vegas. (That is a pic of me on the right warming up the crowd prior to the start of the panel with a joke involving Larry Bird and Larry Ellison).

    The panel was titled 'Modern HR Transformations' and focused on some of the many ways that the HR function, and even the organization overall, is being impacted, enabled, and transformed today, with much of that transformation being driven by advances in technology. Whether it is through leveraging a modern and integrated technology approach to Talent Management, the increased use of data and analytics to inform talent and people decisions, or even to predict the most likely business outcomes from a range of talent decisions, or even some more far-out applications of wildly innovative technologies like wearable computing or the Internet of Things - there is little doubt the next era of business (and HR), will be defined in many ways by the use and application of new technology.

    It was a really engaging and lively discussion that was highlighted by the panelists, (Holger Mueller of Constellation Group, Debbie Damesek of Credit Suisse, and Maureen Brosnan and Anthony Abbatiello, both from Accenture), sharing of both the big-picture trends and imperatives shaping HR and organizations, as well as their specific and real-world experiences, successes, and challenges with large-scale HR transformation projects. It's kind of tough for me to recap the point-by-point of the session, (since I was kind of busy, you know, running the panel and keeping one eye on the clock, one eye on the audience, and one eye on the panelist), so I thought I would simply share a really cool resource on HR Transformations and the HR Technology role in them that has been put together by the folks at Accenture and Oracle.

    The free E-book, titled: Accenture and Oracle: The Future of HR—Five Technology Imperatives, digs into the need for HR to change to better enable the organization to compete in today's faster, more complex business environment, looks at some of the external forces that are driving and influencing this new paradigm, and then examines some of the HR technology challenges and opportunities that HR and organizations can and are utilizing to help find and attract talent, leverage data more fully in talent processes, and deliver both a set of compelling career experiences to individuals and provide the organization the talent and capability it needs to meet its business objectives. And the E-book builds on the prior research on 'The Future of HR' that has been done at Accenture as well.



    Above, I have cribbed just one snippet from the E-book to give you a feel for the style and content - I think you will find it an informative and educational resources, and a good summary as well of much of was shared and talked about at Oracle HCM World, both in the panel I was a part of, and the event overall.

    Many thanks to the folks at Oracle for allowing me to be a part of Oracle HCM World! 


    COMIC: Automation's slippery slope

    Last week I had a take on The downside of measuring everything, for today, (kind of a slow, is it a day off of work or not a day off of work day, at least here in the USA), I wanted to share a really funny comic from XKCD on the topic of the downside of automation:

    Pretty amusing, and also kind of accurate. Reminds me of the old line, maybe it was from Seinfeld?, 'It's funny because it's true.'

    Anyway, it seems like as long as I have been around technology in the workplace folks like me have been promising HR and other business leaders lots and lots of free time and space to be able to focus on 'strategic things' once we've come in an automated everything else and beaten the old, manual, and inefficient processes into submission.

    That has been at least partially true, but not completely. Primarily I think because there continues to be more and more processes that the technologists can and want to automate. The low-hanging fruit has all been picked, but the technologists are not stopping there.

    But that is a subject for another day.

    Happy MLK Day in the USA, and Happy Monday everywhere else!


    LIVE Tonight - #HRHappyHour Show on Collaboration and Coaching

    HR Happy Hour 175 - Improving Communication, Collaboration, and Coaching

    LIVE - THURSDAY January 9, 2014 - 8:00PM EST

    Call in on 646-378-1086

    Tweet your questions and comments - use the Twitter hashtag #HRHappyHour

    This week in the first LIVE show of 2014 hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane are excited to bring Sean Conrad, Senior Product Analyst & Sales Trainer at Halogen Software back to the show this week.  Sean and Halogen are both big supporters of the HR Happy Hour and we feel equally strong about what Halogen Software has added to the industry over the years.  This week, we plan to talk about ways that organizations can improve their communication, collaboration and coaching techniques.
    Halogen recently launched two new modules to address these needs.  Their new 1:1 Exchange meeting module and the Halogen Myers-Briggs module introduce innovative approaches to workforce improvements.  Listen in as we talk about the modules as well as other ways organizations can approach these challenges.

    You can listen to the show LIVE at 8:00PM EST tonight on the show page here, or using the widget player below:

    Online Business Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane on BlogTalkRadio

    Sean is a interesting and fun guy and it should be a great show - make your plans to join us LIVE on Thursday or catch the replay anytime from the show page or using iTunes or on Stitcher Radio on Android devices.

    Hope you can join us tonight!


    Welcome back

    Happy 2014!

    It's good to be back as it were, after a couple of weeks of running old posts, not writing much of anything new, and more or less laying low and attempting to keep warm. I did learn at least one new phrase over the holidays, 'Polar Vortex', although it is assuredly one I could have done without.

    Prior to the holidays kicking off, as I was scrolling back through the 2013 blog archives to find what I thought were some of the better and most representative posts to re-publish it during the last two weeks it struck me (finally) as to what this blog is really about, or perhaps said better, what topics and subjects about which I am actually interested in learning, sharing, and offering opinions on.  For me, 2013 was mostly about three main subject areas:

    1. Advances in robot technology and the increasing automation of the workplace and of other technologies (like self-driving cars, Google Glass, etc.).

    2. Macro economic, demographic, and societal trends that impact our organizations and our professional lives. Things like the aging of the workforce and the true or possibly not true skills gap that gets bandied about from time to time.

    3. How data is changing work, the practice of HR and management, and even our personal lives as well. In that vein, my single favorite post from 2013 was the one about the trucking company that is combining operational data from the trucks themselves with ‘softer’ HR data to make managerial interventions.

    There are some other things mixed in there for sure, like sports and HR and the occasional rant/take on the (tiresome) ‘Company culture is more important that anything’ meme that will never seem to go away. And I will (naturally) use this blog to help promote those things that do keep the lights on, like the HR Technology Conference, HRevolution, the HR Happy Hour Show, and other miscellaneous things I will be doing in 2014. But for the most part the blog will remain about what I think are the most interesting and most important ideas and topics that affect the way we work and the way we interact with technology to do that work.

    Since this blog, or most anyone's personal blog for that matter, is just an outlet and a hobby more or less, it naturally is going to reflect my interests, Whether or not anyone else finds them interesting is another matter. My sense from a cursory scan of site traffic over the years suggests that there are at least a few of you out there, but your numbers certainly aren't growing too much!

    But regardless of traffic or comments or social shares, I personally still find writing on the blog to be fun, challenging, and beneficial. And I do want to thank everyone that has visited in the past and that will stop by in 2014.

    As always, I welcome comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. I will note, and this is is mainly for the PR types that might see this, I am really not that interested in running guest posts from people I have never met, publishing your client’s infographics about anything, or writing about anything that is ‘under embargo’.

    Ok, that is it  - have a fantastic, successful, and fun 2014 everyone!